Spotted in Ottawa: Power Rangers Super Megaforce Wave 6

power_rangers_supermegaforce_wave_6_bandaiWave 6 of Bandai’s 5″ Power Rangers Super Megaforce have been spotted in Ottawa.

Description from Bandai;
The Power Rangers Action Heroes are tougher and stronger than ever and ready for action as highly detailed 5 inch action figures. Each figure has a cool Super Mega force style, as seen in the TV series, making it stand out from the rest of the pack. Figures include up to three battle accessories to help in the fight against the villains. Crafted with great detail and quality, kids and collectors can play or display their favorite Power Rangers figure in their own environment to recreate scenes where good always prevails over evil. Collect them all.

This wave includes;

  • Operation Overdrive Red Ranger
  • Ninja Storm Green Samurai Ranger
  • Turbo Red Ranger
  • Mighty Morphin’ White Ranger
  • Lost Galaxy Red Ranger
  • Wild Force Lunar Wolf
  • Mighty Morphin’ Alien Red Ranger

Spotted at Walmart South Keys in Ottawa, On. Retail price is CAD $11.92. Packaging is tri-lingual.



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