Spotted in Ottawa: Transformers AoE Bumblebee vs. Stinger w/ Strafe Exclusive @ Walmart

transformers_aoe_bumblebee_stinger_strafe_walmart_exclusiveHasbro’s new Transformers Bumblebee vs. Stinger with Strafe set has been spotted in Ottawa. This Age of Extinction 3-Pack is exclusive to Walmart in North America.

Description form Walmart;
You can have a three-way Transformers rumble with this trio of Bumblebee, Decepticon Stinger and Strafe figures! The duel between Bumblebee and Decepticon Stinger will rage whether they’re in robot mode or sports car mode. But whose side will Strafe be on? He can crash the party as a vehicle or dino! Keep converting all three of them back and forth! Who will emerge the victor? It’s all in your hands! Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Transformers Age of Extinction Bumblebee vs. Decepticon Stinger with Strafe Figures:

  • Figure pack includes Bumblebee, Decepticon Stinger and Strafe figures
  • Bumblebee and Decepticon Stinger figures convert from robot mode to sports car mode in 5 steps
  • Strafe figure converts from robot mode to dino mode in 13 steps

Spotted at Walmart South Keys in Ottawa, On. Packaging is trilingual.

Retail price is CAD $31.92


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